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Lamp Shades

Designer Shades


Custom Shades

With the abundance of styles and trends, it can be sometimes difficult to figure out what you like. However, when it comes to selecting lighting needs, we are ready to inspire your dreams with hundreds of instock shades and accessories to help you create your vision easlily. We guarantee our expertise in helping you make the perfect choice for your home or office.

Soft Back Shades


Soft Back Shades

Soft back shades use fabrics that may be stretched, shirred or pleated over a metal frame. The placement and contour of the struts give the shade its shape and allow the material on the outside to follow the shape of the frame, which makes it possible to achieve a wide variety of shapes including bells, scallops, rounded corners, v-notches and gallery bottoms. Because the manufacture of a soft back shade is labor intensive, these shades tend to be a little more expensive than the hardback shades – although, they also last much longer.


Hard Back Shades


Hard Back Shades​

Hardback shades are made by laminating fabric or paper onto a styrene backing. Each shade has a top and a bottom ring, that the laminated fabric is then taped to. The inner styrene liner can be translucent or opaque, while the outer, visible fabric can be any type of woven fabric including linen, silk, satin, muslin, or parchment paper. Hardback shades are not washable, and over time the plastic liner will yellow with age, & crack, distorting the quality of the light produced by the lamp.

" lamps are the jewels of the living room" 
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